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Better late than never (..) I show you my June Favorites today. This month I tried out some new products and definitely wanted to show them to you!

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I’m starting off with Skincare for the Body. As you can see, I’m a big fan of Dove and tried this month 3 of their products. I really love the shower gel, it smells just awesome and feels very good and rich on the skin.

A very big summer secret of mine are my new Bodylotions. The Derma Spa Toning Bodylotion smells awesome and leaves such a great, tightened feeling on my skin. Of course, those kinds of products don’t magically get rid of all your cellulite, but they give me a much better feeling about the Butt and Leg area. Working out and this lotion is a really nice combination.

I normally don’t try out selftanning lotions because they either come out unevenly or sparkle like you are a magic unicorn. This one does none of that, if you peeled and creamed your skin the day before, you just get a nice, light summer tan. I am super impressed by it and can very recommend it to you guys.

Lara Maahsen

Moving on to my Face Beauty Favorites this month I really wanted to show you my new cleanser. I tried it out for more than one month and am really loving it. As all the other cleansers, this one can be a little drying afterwards and a moisturizer is very recommended. But it definitely is the least drying from the ones that I have tried out so far. I feel like it really gets rid of my Makeup and is doing it’s Job.

I rediscovered my Vichy Dermablend Foundation because my Mac Studio Fix Fluid ran out, and I think I like it even better than the Mac Version. It coveres my imperfections in a better way and is also way more inexpensive. (ca. 15€)

The Isa Dora Bronzing Powder is just an awesome bronzer. It doesn’t have any glitter in it, gives great Color and looks also very natural. If I just want to look a little bit more tanned I put it on my nose, cheeks and forehead and I look like I have been in the sun.

Lara Maahsen

I wore this combination seriously the whole month. You can see how it Looks on in my last Post here. Unfortunately it failed in most areas. You have to wear it with a Lipliner, otherwise it looks weird. The consistensy is a little too creamy so that you couldn’t wear it on its own and it needs a lot of time to dry. It doesn’t last as long, even with a Lipliner and the best part- it’s super drying. After I’ve worn this my lips are super cracked up, even if my lips were in super condition before. Well, I guess now you’re wondering why I wore it all the time… I’m just a lip nerd and finally found the perfect nude Color for me and my skintone. With my very loved (and good) Lipliner from Mac the combination looks just awesome in my opinion. So, that’s why it landed in my favorites. I am looking for one that has a similar color but also a good Quality. If you have some recommendations for me, I would very appreciate it. 🙂

Lara Maahsen

When I first tried this Nailpolish I regret buying it and kept it in my drawer. A few weeks ago I saw the beautiful Marianna Hewitt wearing a great color and asked her – how funny that I had it at home. The secret is to put 3 coats on, not only one or two like I normally do. After that it looks awesome I think. Definitely going to wear this all summer! Essie – Ballet Slipper

Lara Maahsen

I had this palette on my eye for a long time and when I saw Tam Tam’s Review I just had to buy this contour Palette. It’s only 20€ but is doing such a great Job! The lighter powders are awesome to put over the concealer and are very covering. For contouring I mostly use the third shade, it gives great color and has an awesome grey-brownish color. The Highlighter is also really really good and I’m using it all the time.

Lara Maahsen


I was looking for a nice Bikini for so long and finally found one. Can’t wait until I can wear it, unfortunatly the weather in Germany is crab right now but I hope it will get better soon. The Top is from Missguided and the Panty from Calzedonia. I love that it has so much details on it and is not as boring as my other ones.

Lara Maahsen


I watched these movies a few days ago and I really loved them! Water for Elephants is a great mixture of Drama, Love and Tension and the actors are doing a great Job. I also loved Coco Chanel, it’s such an inspiring film. I love movies of strong independent women who are doing their thing.

Favorite Song

Syn Cole – Feel Good

Today the sun came finally out (what a surprise!) and I’m going to shoot some Pictures, go to my horse-riding class and watch the Soccer game ( Germany-France) later in the evening…seems like a good day! Enjoy yours too. Love, L