Lara Maahsen

Some of my favorites while scrolling through the worldwideweb. I discovered NA-KD, I’ve never ordered something from them but I really do love some of their stuff! Have you tried them out? Would love to hear your opinion on my picks and the brand!

As you know, I love lighter colors and in the summer time I love to wear nice pastel colors and flower prints as well. I am also more and more liking the new bra trend that ist going on, and fell in love with the white one from NA-KD. It’s a nice mix of more comfort and also a more detailed, beautiful Bra.

I am trying to get better in Blogging at the Moment, and this is my first Collage. I definitely want to get better and I think this will be my next big thing, it’s fun!  Have a nice week!

1. Bra


3.Char Slip Dress

4.Lace up Blouse

5.Off Shoulder Blouse

6.Pom Pom Blouse